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Nov 14, 2022

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Employees

Christmas is coming and we’re fast running out of shopping days. So, if you’re not sure how to show your appreciation to your employees with the perfect gift this festive season, we’re here to help.

We recently surveyed over 600 UK employees to discover what they want and expect from employers when it comes to holiday gifts. That’s how we know that 27% believe they will get a Christmas gift from their employer this year, and that some of the least useful corporate gifts employees have received include “an empty hamper basket”, “out-of-date food” and, believe it or not, “toilet roll”.

To help ensure you don’t end up on your employees’ company-gifts-naughty-list, here’s our Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Employees to ensure you get it right.

Employees do want a gift

Tis the season to be jolly but our study found that this doesn’t involve partying for the majority of employees. Just 10% said that they wanted a Christmas party.

What is a clear priority for employees as the holiday season approaches is the importance of receiving meaningful gifts. 60% of employees said that their companies were bad gifters, which is a worrying statistic when emerging talent is three times as likely to consider leaving a company if they don’t receive holiday gifts during the festive season.

Keeping employees engaged is particularly important in an age when the war for talent is at an all-time high. Employers need top talent to have a competitive edge and the increase in remote or hybrid working has empowered employees with more choices.

With two-thirds of employees looking for more fulfillment in the workplace, it was reassuring to see that a third of UK employees polled in our survey said that they would consider joining a new company if they were to give Christmas gift cards.

How Christmas rewards reap rewards for your company

Our research also uncovered the multiple benefits of recognising and rewarding your employees with thoughtful gifts to ensure you make it a December to remember.

Of those surveyed:

  • 81% said rewards encourage them to work harder
  • 79% said rewards make them want to stay with their company for longer
  • 86% said rewards, such as a gift card, made them feel valued

Research by Springworks also confirmed that 92% of workers are more likely to repeat an action they’ve received recognition for, which is a great way to encourage positive behaviours. And, companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction tend to nurture happier workers, which can lead to a 12% spike in productivity, according to economists at the University of Warwick.

So while forking out for Christmas gifts might feel like a heavy investment, the rewards your company will reap back will be more than worth it – and then some.

The top 5 festive employee gift ideas

Gone are the days of placating staff with a gift basket, stocking filler, or desk accessories. Modern corporate gifts should give your employees a wide variety of choice and flexibility.

Our study found that the favourite office gifts to ensure a merry little Christmas include:

  • Gift cards (64%)
  • Bonus (44%)
  • Additional holiday (30%)
  • Food gifts (19%)
  • Free lunch (14%)

It’s no surprise to see gift cards at the top of the (Christmas) tree for festive employee rewards. As a fast, convenient, and easy-to-redeem employee reward, they have long been the most requested gift. Plus, you can personalise them with company branding, the individual recipient’s details, and select the denomination.

Since covid, there’s been an increase in demand for eGift cards, with 44% of employees preferring digital cards more than before the pandemic. They can be received and redeemed instantly by employees, and there are no production or shipping costs for employers.

Our survey also found that the most requested gift card is the multi-brand gift card, as it offers a wide range of choice for a diverse workforce. For example, our One4all multi-store gift cards can be redeemed at more than 140 retailers nationwide, including Primark, Halfords, M&S, and many more, so your staff can effectively choose their own special gifts.

As with all our gift cards, they can be customised with your company branding and we take care of everything when it comes to distributing them to your staff, including remote employees.   

If you’re ready to order your corporate gifts for the holiday season, we’re here to help ensure your employee gifts bring joy to the workforce. Call 0203 372 0843 or visit