Earn more revenue selling gift cards online

Our digital gifting platform makes it easy to sell your gift cards, in addition to having access to the hundreds of cards in our network, right on your website. Just ask any of our 600+ partners.

Gift Card Store web page and app

Offering eGifts helps you to connect with new consumers

Online shopping continues to grow at unprecedented rates.

  • Over 50 % of all holiday gifts are now purchased online.¹
  • 75% of consumers would be very happy to accept eGift cards at Christmas and peak.

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Seamless, simple and secure

We built our platform to work seamlessly for any business size.

With our suite of APIs, industry-leading security and Blackhawk Network experts working with you every step of the way, you can be up and running (and earning) in no time.

The power of BHN

Want a partner that can help your business grow?

BHN is one of the industry’s pioneers and long-time leaders. Working with us allows you to utilise our industry leading products, and further access our vast network of partners and resources..

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Questions? Answers!

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