Speed up your incentive delivery with digital rewards

Faster delivery of your incentive drives a faster completion of your desired action.

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Choices, choices, choices


Virtual Mastercard®  prepaid cards

These reward “cards” are customised for your brand and delivered via email. Personalise with your recipients’ names and a brief message. Virtual prepaid cards can be spent online or over the phone anywhere that Mastercard® is accepted.



Ideal for online shopping, eGifts offer almost instant delivery, no production or shipping costs, plus data-gathering opportunities and flexible redemption. eGifts can include single and multi-retailer cards and our range features a number of well-known high street brands in addition to our own Blackhawk Network content.


eCodes and online gift card catalogue

There are some occasions when your target market has such varied interests that you want to give them the power of choice. Our Select platform gives you the opportunity to offer 100+ options to your recipients.

The time is right for digital rewards

Immediate gratification. Delivered directly to your recipients on their smartphones. And ready to spend right away. In today’s always-connected world, digital reward fulfillment can dovetail nicely with your other omni-channel strategies.

Not surprisingly, Millennials and Gen Z are most open to digital rewards. But, according to Blackhawk Network recent research published in Markets Insider, 76% of Boomers are interested in shopping online for at-home delivery in the next six months¹.

Expect a surge in digital reward solutions, and stay ahead of your competition with our rewards.

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eBook: Do Digital Rewards Right

Looking for new ways to reach your customers and business goals in a changing digital environment? This ebook showcases how digital rewards can help meet your needs.

Do Digital Rewards Right

Discover new ways to pay and be paid with our innovative technology.

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