Apr 10, 2019

Hello Yonda! The app that gives you back up to eight per cent on your spending

A new app launches today giving money back on your spending with 70 of the UK’s leading retail, restaurant and experience brands. Introducing Yonda - offering an average earning of up to 8%, and the opportunity to earn up to 15% with selected retailers. 
Simply sign up via the app, receive your prepaid Mastercard® in the post, then every time you use your card with any of Yonda’s retail partners receive your rebate – or ‘Coin’ – and get ‘Minted’ as your savings pot grows. What’s more, successfully refer three or more others by passing on your Yonda key and you’ll join the ranks of the ‘Royally Minted’ by being upgraded to an even higher rate of rebate.   
Yonda puts you in complete control, with no effort or hassle in claiming back your reward. Earn as you spend with no forms to fill in, no clunky websites to navigate and no chasing up payments - check your balance on your phone at any time and look forward to what you’re going to spend it on. 
Analysis of independent research reveals that the average British consumer using Yonda could earn back up to £459 per year on their everyday spending across food, beauty, clothes and DIY shopping and eating out – rising to £549 for the ‘Royally Minted’. Thinking of splashing out on a new TV or that long overdue holiday or city break? With Yonda’s partners including leading department stores, electrical and travel brands, why wait for the sales when you could get hundreds back by using Yonda? 
Yonda is fee-free and offers no risk of interest or late payment charges – given that it is prepaid – with no minimum top-up. Simply load your card with any amount, as and when you wish, and shop as you normally do. 
The introduction of Yonda comes at a time of exponential growth in demand for prepaid cards, led largely by the 18-32 age group who are more open to adopting new technologies and moving away from traditional banks, coupled with apps increasingly using pre-paid technology, the continued rise of e-commerce and move away from cash. 
Stacey Richards, Product Director of Prepaid for Blackhawk Network, the company behind Yonda, comments: “Yonda offers real value to cardholders through an excellent rate of return on the things they buy and need, with complete control and zero effort and hassle through the simple and intuitive app. It’s a product of our time as we continue to see the prepaid market boom and consumers moving away from traditional banking and the way things have always been done, and we are confident that it will go down very well in this new era of the empowered and savvy consumer.” 
At launch Yonda can be used with 70 of the UK’s leading retail, restaurant and experience brands, all of which are listed at www.yondacard.com. A full list of partners is available within the app, with more to be added over the coming months. 
Yonda® is a registered trademark and is provided by Blackhawk Network, an established leading global provider of gift cards, egifts/ecodes, reloadable prepaid debit cards, rebate cards, cash-based payment products and prepaid telecom. Blackhawk Network is Mastercard®-certified, UK-authorised as an Electronic Money Institution by the FCA, and the company behind the Choice card range, which includes Restaurant Choice, Teen Choice and Spa Finder. 
For further information please visit www.yondacard.com
About Blackhawk Network   
Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. is a global financial technology company and a leader in connecting brands and people through branded value solutions. Blackhawk platforms and solutions enable the management of stored value products, promotions and rewards programs in retail, ecommerce, financial services and mobile wallets. Blackhawk’s Hawk Commerce division offers technology solutions to businesses and direct to consumers. The Hawk Incentives division offers enterprise, SMB and reseller partners an array of platforms and branded value products to incentive and reward consumers, employees and sales channels. Headquartered in Pleasanton, Calif., Blackhawk operates in 26 countries. For more information, please visit BlackhawkNetwork.com, CashStar.com, HawkCommerce.com, HawkIncentives.com or our product websites GiftCards.com, GiftCardMall.com, GiftCardLab.com and OmniCard.com.